Corne 42 MX Keyboard

A split, columnar keyboard with a small footprint, full RGB lighting, OLED screens, and MX profile keys.
Style: Orange / White / Black
Switches: Gateron Red
Regular price $269
Regular price Sale price $269



  • Keys: 42
  • Keycap Profile: DSA
  • OLED Screens: 2
  • Power: USB-C, TRRS
  • Case: 3D Printed PLA


  • Keyboard
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Black TRRS Cable
  • Startup Guide


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Oops! If you're looking for our wireless prebuilt keyboards, they are currently out of stock. We’re making some improvements and will have them back soon. Stay tuned!! (In the meantime, check out our wireless DIY Keyboard Kits for another great option.)

Regular price $269
Regular price Sale price $269


You have your own style and we want you to show it. Take inspiration from our designs or start with your own.



A balanced 40% keyboard with a classic, sleek, and efficient form.

Check out this sleek, portable keyboard rocking 36 keys, serving up all the must-haves in a compact package. It's the go-to gear for those who dig a mix of functionality and style without the unnecessary bulk. Designed for the cool cats who want to keep things streamlined on the move – because who needs extra baggage? This keyboard's got your back with a chill vibe and all the essentials in a footprint that's as compact as it is cool.


Standard MX key profile gives you that classic look and typing experience. Supports all MX profile key switches.

Indulge in the nostalgia of yesteryear with the Standard MX key profile – your gateway to a typing escapade that's as classic as a vintage vinyl collection. This keycap design not only bestows upon you the timeless elegance of a bygone era but also offers a typing experience so satisfying, it might just make you question whether time travel is involved. And fear not, for this profile isn't exclusive – it graciously supports all MX profile key switches, ensuring that every keystroke feels as legendary as a rockstar's encore performance.


Per key and bottom lighting come standard for all Corne keyboards.

Bask in the radiant glory of all Corne keyboards as they come equipped with the standard perks of per-key and bottom lighting, turning your typing escapades into a well-lit dance of fingertips. It's not just about keys; it's about keystrokes with flair – because why settle for a dimly lit typing affair when you can have a dazzling keyboard that lights up both your words and your workspace? Light it up, type it out, and let your keyboard be the spotlight of your desk.


Display anything with a bit of programming: cute animations, diagnostic charts, WPM graphs, etc.

This feature-packed keyboard allows you to flex your programming muscles, turning those vibrant OLED screens into a canvas for your creativity. It's not just a keyboard; it's a dynamic display waiting for your command, ready to showcase anything you can dream up with a bit of code. The power to personalize is in your hands, so go ahead, program your vibe, and let those OLED screens do the talking.


Swap out switches and controllers easily to change your setup.

Experience the ultimate in customization with our hot-swappable keyboard – effortlessly switch out switches and controllers on the fly to curate your perfect setup. No need for complex tools or tech wizardry; this keyboard is your canvas, and the switches are your paintbrushes. It's not just a typing device; it's a dynamic platform that adapts to your preferences. Embrace the freedom to fine-tune your setup at a moment's notice, making each keystroke uniquely yours. Hot-swappable – because why settle for a static setup when you can easily switch things up to match your ever-evolving style?


Check out our DIY Keyboard Kits and choose the "Wireless (Nice!Nano)" option to build your own wireless split keyboard.