Collection: Keymaps

What's a keymap?

A keymap refers to the physical position of each character or symbol on your keyboard. Most people are familiar with the "qwerty" keymap, which got it's name from the first 5 keys on the top row of letters. You might have heard of alternate keymaps like the Dvorak layout, which some claim to be more efficient. Others claim Colemak to be best. In reality, there is no universal "best" keymap. With so many different occupations and hobbies, how could there ever be one perfect keymap that suits everyone? The perfect Gamer layout is going to differ from an Engineer's keymap, which will likely be far different from a Programmer's preferred layout.

Where things get really exciting

The true power of custom keyboards comes from the infinite configurability of not only the hardware, but the firmware as well. All KeebMaker keyboards ship with software that allows you modify your keymap on the fly, with the click of a button. Want to try Dvorak? It's just a few clicks away. Want to move the backspace or enter key into the middle of your keyboard so your pinkies can have a break? Literally, 2 clicks to make it happen. How about if you want to be able to toggle between Windows and Mac hotkeys depending on the computer you are working on? You can map a key to take care of that for you.