You shouldn't have to compromise your comfort when you type. A good keyboard is designed for your hands. Find out how an ergonomic keyboard can change your life.

  • Traditional vs. Split Keyboards

    Ever heard of carpal tunnel? Your wrists aren't supposed to bend the way they do when typing on a traditional keyboard. Split keyboards are here to save the day (and your wrists!)

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  • Key Layouts

    Your staggered keyboard keys are a relic of days past. Back in the typewriter's hay day, keys had to be staggered to avoid jams. Luckily, we now have a better way to type.

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  • Tenting Kits

    Split keyboards solve the problem of bending your wrists outward. Tented keyboards solve the problem of awkwardly rotated wrists. Let's get your wrists into a better position for typing.

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  • Keymaps

    Close your eyes. Can you find every key on your keyboard without looking? Try hitting f7 without looking. How about the tilde? Do you know what you could do with a "home" key within easy reach? It's time you looked into custom keymaps.

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  • Layers

    Want your keyboard to take up less space on your desk? Want a smaller keyboard for easy travel? How about home row modifiers so you don't have to stretch your poor pinky to hold down the ctl button for copy and paste? Layers are going to change your life.

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The typing experience on a mechanical keyboard just can't be beat. Once you experience the sound and feel of a good keyboard, you'll understand why people are crazy enough to spend hundreds of dollars fine tuning their keebs. Who needs 7 keyboards? You will once you get hooked on these.

  • Key Switches

    The heart and soul of mechanical keyboards. Key switches sit underneath each keycap on your keyboard and provide tactile feedback that you simply can't get anywhere else.

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  • Keycaps

    Keycaps change both the look and feel of your keyboard. When selecting keycaps, you should consider the materials and profile of all the different options out there, in addition to how they look.

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  • Stabilizers

    We're all searching for a bit more stability in life, right? Life might be full of ups and downs, but at least your keycaps can be stabilized.

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If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a real keyboard, it had better dang well outlast you. Find out how we ensure our keyboards can go the distance.

  • Switch Hotswaps

    It can be overwhelming trying to find your perfect key switches among the thousands of options out there. At least hotswap sockets allow you to switch between sets with nothing more than tweezers and a few spare minutes.

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  • Controller Hotswaps

    You'll likely never need this, but all KeebMaker keyboards are built with hotswappable micro-controllers so you can upgrade your usb connection whenever you'd like.

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Bells and Whistles

Bet your Mom's keyboard can't do this. Custom keyboards can do a lot more than just type. Check out some of these party tricks that'll turn heads in the office, or simply increase your productivity.

  • RGB Lighting

    It's probably been scientifically proven that RGB lighting increases your winrate. Even if you aren't a gamer, you know you can't resist that glorious glow.

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  • OLED Screens

    An obscure branch of magic, OLED screens allow you to turn your keyboard into a multimedia device. Display your WPM, play pong, or see a cute cat get excited for you when you start typing at high speeds.

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  • Rotary Encoders

    Once you get a keyboard with rotary encoders, you'll never go back. Change your volume, scroll, zoom, scrub timelines. Some things are just better with a scroll wheel.

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